Microsoft Official Certification Site and Azure Exams and Free Training

My customers are always asking me who do you recommend we buy Azure training from. I am a Microsoft Certified Trainer and I specialize in Office 365, Azure and exam preps. I still recommend that you do not pay for a training class or online subscription models until you have gone through all the free training Microsoft has published.

Microsoft provides more and better training then any training provider out there. The problem is it is not all in one location so hard to find.

Here are some links to Microsoft's free training:

Then anyone with an MSDN Visual Studio Subscription also has more free training for them on that site.

Microsoft's official certification site  this is where they also have free online training videos and links to prepare for an exam. Yes some of the links go to articles, but that is because it is easier and faster to update an article then update a training video or series of videos.

Then after viewing all the free training Microsoft has, yes, many times it is worth it for an organization to pay for a full MOC or custom training course for an entire team.  In my opinion only custom is really worth it. All of the above free videos and links cover what is in the MOC course anyways. I do not recommend the subscription services myself as all I have seen are hit and miss, they don't cover any Microsoft topics from start to finish in depth, only portions.