How to add a web part to DispForm.aspx

OOTB TIP For those of you that don’t use SharePoint Designer, or can’t…if you need to add a web part to a List Form such as DispForm.aspx, just add  &toolpaneview=2%20&PageView=Shared to the end of of your URL in the browser.    Example: http://webapplicationurl/sites/LLC/Lists/Bookmarks/dispform.aspx?id=1&toolpaneview=2%20&PageView=Shared

Appended Column not showing all entries

When using the Appended Column setting, remember that the appended column setting only stores as many Versions as you have set in your List Version Control settings. So if you are using it as a Log column like many do…it will eventually not show all the entries once you reach your Version Control thresholds set.

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